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Large or small, I shoot them all. Weather you'd like an outdoor shoot in the park and need someone to come to your home, we offer family portraits to last a life time. 

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Looking to sell a home? Lease or sell a commercial property? Need images of your shop for your website? Our lead photographer has worked for Wisconsin's largest home seller and the second largest commercial real estate company in the world.


Our goal with senior photography is to bring out the personality of each person. Because of this, our price offers unlimited outfits and locations, and is only based on time. 


Baby showers, baptisms, company events, and more. We have over 10 years of wedding experience (aka, the most stressful shooting environment ever) - whatever you need photos for, we can handle it.


Every wedding and every couple is different. Our goal with wedding photography is to capture the events of the day as they are, in a journalistic style (less posing, more enjoying your event!)  Lead photographer Rebecca attends every wedding and brings an assistant to make sure there is full coverage all the time - and at no cost to you. In addition, you receive printing rights at no cost and a wedding website available to whomever you share with to download the imagery they want for a full month, at no cost to you. 

We do things differently - $250 per hour, all inclusive*.

We do not discriminate based on age, sex, religion, or sexual preference. 


*Travel cost may occur if located outside of southeastern Wisconsin. 

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